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Damp soft cloth with a small amount of mild soap to regularly clean your faucet, dry it off with a dry soft cloth so water spots don’t show. Non-abrasive cleaners and scrubbers are ideal for preventing scratches and damage to your faucet. Always keep the finish of your faucet in mind when choosing and using cleansers.

The best cleaner is warm, soapy water or pH balanced soap-based cleanser, applied with a soft, damp cloth. Use a clean microfibre cloth. Always wipe down after each use to prevent mineral build-up and water spotting. Avoid using caustic chemicals, abrasive cleaners will damage the finish.

Day-to-day clean could involve a soft cloth or soft sponge with a mild cleanser diluted with some water. Rinse away the soapy residue and dry the surface with a soft dry material. To prevent scratches and chips, avoid dropping heavy items into your vanity sink. Acids can also etch the surface. Scouring powders should be avoided.

Apply toilet cleaner to the bowl and allow it to soak. While the cleaner soaks in, spray the exterior of the toilet with an all-purpose disinfectant. Use a scrub sponge to clean the exterior of the toilet. Pay attention the base and floor around the toilet while you’re there. Once the exterior is clean, use a toilet brush to clean the bowl.

Do not use corrosive solvents to clean the outside of the toilet. Also do not use water to rinse the equipment as this may cause short circuits, resulting in a fire. Pull out the plug before cleaning in case that plug, or the outlet gets wet by water. Scrub the bowl unit gently by soft cloth. If it is very dirty, get the cloth wet and clean the unit by neutral agents.

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